By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

Japan has very strict safety check standards and none of the cars I’ve driven in the years I’ve been here have ever lost their brakes.

I’ve had two “no brakes” experiences in my life and both of them were with old cars I owned in Hawaii.

The first occurred in a McDonald’s parking lot back when I was about nineteen. I had a Ford Maverick and I’d just pulled into a parking spot and pushed down on the brake pedal when it hit the floorboard. I pumped the brake and pulled up the emergency brake to stop before I hit the parking lot wall.

I crawled under the car and found that the right side brake hose had cracked open. I walked to work and went to the auto parts dealer during my lunch hour in the company’s delivery van. I bought a new brake hose and brake fluid there and fixed my car after work.

The second event was when I was a commercial farmer. I’d gotten an old truck from a friend and was driving it down a steep hill. I pressed the brake pedal to slow for a curve and guess what? Yep! No brakes again! I downshifted to reduce speed and went as slow as I could down the hill hoping that there wouldn’t be any cars at the intersection I’d have to pass before I could hit the leveler pavement beyond the intersection where I could pull over and use the emergency brake.

Luck was with me and I passed the intersection and managed to stop. I checked out the damage and found that the stainless steel brake line had ruptured. I walked home and borrowed my parent’s car to go to the parts center. I bought a length of stainless steel brake tubing, brake fluid and a flaring set. I cut the brake tubing to size and flared the ends to replace the old tubing. I bled the air from the system, tested the brakes and drove my parent’s car home. Another walk back to my repaired truck and I was back on the road again.








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