By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

I was thinking back to my days in Hawaii and recalled that I always had a pocket knife with me from the age of four, when my grandfather gave me one for Christmas. I promptly cut my finger with it a few days later while folding it…Ouch!

Growing up on a coffee farm, blades were a part of my daily life. Pruning coffee branches required the use of a Japanese sickle. Cutting down trees was a job for an axe or a saw. Toppling banana trunks required the use of a machete. And of course I’d use the pocket knife that I carried either in my pocket or in a case on my belt to take care of peeling fruit, opening cans and bottles, boring holes in things and functioning as a screwdriver in addition to other ways nobody ever thought a pocketknife should be used for. It was an essential tool that I took everywhere.

Things changed when I came to Japan and learned that most people don’t carry knives around. Still, I learned that there was a pretty decent office alternative in the ubiquitous box cutters found in most worker’s desks.






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