By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

Written June 13, 2019

I hooked up the recording device that announces it will record the subsequent conversation to prevent scam calls (and gather evidence by implication) on April 9th and ever since then, I haven’t had to answer even a single call from a telemarketer! On the other hand, there are days when the phone doesn’t ring even once… In the one call that did ring, the telemarketer hung up as soon as I answered – he probably thought the better of having his conversation recorded…

I’m impressed with the effectiveness of this device that I wrote about in an earlier blog post.


今年の49日に以前にブログに説明したLETS振り込め詐欺見張隊117L-FSM-N117 を電話機・ファックス回線に繋いだ。その後、毎日近く掛かってきていた迷惑・セールス電話はゼロになった。



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