By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

Written June 15, 2019

The Japanese media recently seems to have embarked on a campaign to run elderly drivers (loosely defined by them depending on the broadcasting company as anyone from 60 to 65 and older) off the roads and get them to turn in their driver’s licenses.

Lately viewers have been exposed to a steady stream of news featuring an elderly driver, usually over 65 being the cause of a terrible accident or being involved in some unthinkable driving error like driving against traffic on a one-way street.

Most Japanese are probably eating up the footage and swearing that elderly Japanese drivers are a menace that needs to be eliminated, however, when I think about the percentage of people over sixty-five in the Japanese population and the number of accidents being televised, I wonder what the real problem is.

It’s true that a few elderly Japanese drivers have been the cause of some terrible accidents lately that have caused the deaths of innocent bystanders, but at the same time, I’m pretty sure that there are many more accidents happening daily that are caused by much younger drivers who have just gotten their drivers’ licenses.

According to the Institute for Traffic Research and Data Analysis there were 430,601 accidents in Japan in 2018 with 3,532 fatalities and 525,846 people injured in them.

Mr. Mamoru Ishikawa wrote an interesting article in Japanese referring to data from 2015 that showed drivers in the 16 – 19 age range having the greatest number of accidents per 10,000 drivers, followed by those aged 20 – 29 and succeeded by those over 80 being the cause of traffic accidents.

It’s pretty much what I would have suspected, because most elderly drivers are aware of their physical decline and are cautious to compensate for it.

I think the recent news rampage on elderly drivers is a good example of the use of a small set of data expanded to create mass misunderstanding and generate overall panic. Basically, it’s irresponsible reporting.




交通事故総合分析センターのデータによると平成30年には430601件の交通事故が起きた。その内の3532人 が亡くなった。

ネットを更に調べると、石川衛氏が2016年に書いた『高齢ドライバーの事故は20代より少ない 意外と知らないデータの真実』の記事を見つけた。彼の発見では1万人のドライバー当り、1619歳の事故が最も多く、次に2029歳でその次が80歳以上と分かった。




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