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Laulau (ラウラウ)

By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS) March 6, 2021     Laulau My sister and her friends made “laulau” for a charity fundraiser last month. Laulau is a Hawaiian food made with butterfish, pork and beef wrapped in taro leaf covered with ti leaves. It’s steamed, tastes a little salty and goes well with rice. It’s a popular food for fundraisers (I helped made it often when I was a Boy Scout and also for my judo and karate clubs). It’s a food that you should really try if you want to sample Hawaiian cuisine. Don’t eat too many, though (it will give you the runs!) *Photos taken by my sister ラウラウ 先月妹と彼女の友人達は慈善団体の募金イベントのために『ラウラウ』を作った。ラウラウとはハワイの現地料理で、マナガツオ、豚肉、牛肉、ハワイアン塩をタロ芋葉で包んで、センネンボクの葉でまとめてかぶせた料理。蒸して作ったラウラウは塩分が高いため、ハワイの高温環境で長持ちする。味は塩が効いていてご飯にとても合う。 ハワイでは資金集めによく使われる料理で、私はボーイスカウトや空手と柔道クラブのイベントによく手伝って作った料理だ。 本物のハワイの現地料理を味わたいなら、ラウラウを一度食べる必要がある(但し、数多くを食べない方がいい(見事に下痢するよ!) ************** English novels by Billy Hammond published by AELS (AELS出版英語書籍リスト)   I. Majoh Gakuin and Hikari Juku – Japanese Witch Schools Trilogy 1. Majoh Gakuin & Hikari Juku – […]

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Hawaiian Fishing Superstition (ハワイの魚釣り迷信)

By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS) February 12, 2020 When I was a kid, everybody knew that if you were going fishing, you should never vocalize the fact. If somebody asked you, “Whea you going?” (Where are you going?), the proper answer would be “holoholo” (just wandering around) or something similar. The Hawaiians believed that the fish have hearing abilities and that that saying something like, “I’m going fishing” would alert them and make them wary. So the folks of my day and age and earlier would automatically interpret an answer of something like “I going holoholo” to mean the person was going fishing. ハワイの魚釣り迷信 子供の頃、魚釣りに行くときにはそれを言ってはいけないと誰でも知っていた。もし誰かに「どこへ行くの?」と聞かれたら正しい答えは「ホロホロだ」(目的なくぶらぶら)またはそのような言葉。 古来のハワイ人は魚には耳があると信じて、声で「魚釣りに行く」と聞けば、逃げると思った。それで、私の年代やその前の年代の人は「ホロホロ」の答えを「釣りに行くんだ」と解釈した。 *********** English novels by Billy Hammond published by AELS (AELS出版英語書籍リスト)   I. Majoh Gakuin and Hikari Juku – Japanese Witch Schools Trilogy 1. Majoh Gakuin & Hikari Juku – Japanese Witch Schools 2. Lost […]

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