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22 years of experience in Japanese and English translations...

Whether you have a software manual that needs translation or a book, we have translators in Japan that can render your material into Japanese.

IT Translations

Our IT translators all have programming or engineering backgrounds. Contrary to popular belief, there are not as many qualified Japanese IT translators in the industry as there are for European languages. Many translation companies hire people with backgrounds in the humanities after giving them a 2 or 3 page "test translation" just because they can translate words from English into Japanese, then turn them loose on software or medical translations. Let's face it, without knowing the subject, you can't get an intelligible translation. We've seen work done by software translation amateurs who were probably exchange students or people on holiday from Japan and have had to redo projects from the start for many companies where the material was translated without any knowledge of the fundamental concepts which are absolutely necessary to translate such material. Needless to say, such projects are a burden on everyone: the company that's losing money because its product launch is delayed and paying double for something that is being done twice; and for us because we come under pressure to deliver the project in record time to minimize losses.

Medical Translations

Our medical translators all have backgrounds in either medicine or veterinary science. Articles translated from Japanese into English have appeared in leading journals dealing with surgery, oncology, immunology etc. Our clinical trial translations have been utilized by some of the leading pharmacological companies in Japan.

Other Fields

TanuTech has translated books, catalogs, brochures, legal documents, etc. in a wide range of fields ranging from agriculture to literature to zoology. Many of our art and literature translations are on sale in Japanese bookstores throughout Japan.

What we offer:

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