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Japanese to English and English to Japanese translation and localization engineering are our specialties. We can assist customers in multiple language projects, however, the only work we do in-house is in Japanese and English. If you are looking for a giant agency to handle 30 or 40 languages simultaneously, then we are not the company you need. If you are looking for a company with experience to handle the Japanese language portion of your project or if you are looking to keep your project costs down by subcontracting each language yourself, then we can probably help. We also offer a Short Translation Service for small jobs.

What we offer:

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- All of our Japanese work is done in Japan -

For more information contact us at:

A.E.L.S. (TanuTech)

Shandorie Bldg. 4Fl, Kitakawaramachi 1-5-25

Sakai City, Osaka, Japan, 590-0076

Phone/Fax 81-722-21-3400

E-mail: tanutech@tanutech.com

For interesting information about Japan, visit our Japan Info section.


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