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Rain Forecasting Birds (鳥の鳴き声の雨予告)

By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS) Having been a farmer working outdoors for many years of my life, I’ve become accustomed to listening to the sounds and sensations that abound in nature. One of them is the cry of birds, which warns me of impending rain. The sound of their cry changes when rain is due to fall soon. It lets me know how long I have to work before putting on a raincoat. Among the birds, crows, doves and mynah birds tend to be the easiest to understand weather forecasters. Thinking scientifically, it probably has to do with changes in the moisture content of the air and sound transmission. If you’re worried about rain coming in, pay attention to the birds – they’ll let you know. 鳥の鳴き声の雨予告 何年の専業農家やアウトドア生活から大自然の音や感覚に慣れた。 その中の一つは近い内に降って来る雨を予告する鳥の鳴き声だ。泣き声の音が雨が近くと変わる。その音質により、雨具を着るまで後どれくらいあるかが分かる。鳥の種類の中ではカラス、ハトとマイナーバードは最も分かりやすい。 科学的に考えれば恐らく空気の密度(湿気)による音の伝達速度が理由だろう。 近づいて来る雨が気になるなら鳥の鳴き声を聞くだといい。 By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS) **************** *********** Books published […]

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