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DU in Hawaii (ハワイに劣化ウラン?)

By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS) Depleted Uranium (DU) rounds were used in M101 spotter rounds from 1962 to 1968 on Oahu and at the Pohakuloa Training Area on Hawaii Island. The possibility that some of the spent rounds at Pohakuloa had been burned with subsequent dispersal of dust from their incineration was raised later.   According to the Hawaii State Department of Health, the DU rounds do not pose a danger to the health of residents living in the state. In spite of the State’s reassurances many residents are still not convinced that the DU does not pose a health threat. As for the DU itself, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued a “materials license” to the Army for the DU on Oahu and at Pohakuloa in October 2013, allowing its presence at both sites.   ハワイに劣化ウラン? 1962年~1968年にオアフ島とハワイ島のポハクロア訓練所で劣化ウランを含むM101スポッター弾が使用された。数年後、ポハクロア訓練所のM101スポッター弾の断片が焼却された可能性が指摘され、焼却灰が飛んだ恐れで地元住民が調査を求めた。   ハワイ州保険局によると劣化ウラン弾は住民の健康への影響はない。洲の安全宣言にも関わらず、一部のハワイの住民間に未だに不安が残っている。劣化ウランそのものに関して、2013年10月に米国原子力規制委員会が陸軍に『材料免許』を発行し、現場での所有を許可した。 By […]

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Leave the Rocks in Hawaii (石をハワイに残しましょう!)

By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS) One of the things you never, never want to do is to try to take rocks (including sand) off the Big Island. Each year the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park receives packages and letters from people who have been foolish enough to do so, begging them to return the rocks. Many of the letters describe the misfortunes and bad luck that plagued the thieves after they took the rocks home with them. Broken bones, traffic accidents, loss of jobs… The reason for this is Hawaii’s Volcano Goddess Pele. She hates it when people take her property out of her territory and curses the luckless soul stupid enough to steal from her. 石をハワイに残しましょう!   ハワイ島では絶対にしてはいけないことは、石(砂も含む)盗みです。 毎年、ハワイ火山国立公園には石泥棒から石の入った小包が続々と届けられます。石と共に、石を盗んでからの不運な骨折、交通事故、失業等々の説明文も…殆どにはお詫びと石を元の場所に戻す依頼が含まれています。 不運の理由は『ペレ』というハワイの火山の女神です。彼女は自分の国から石を盗み出すのが大嫌いで、泥棒に呪いをかけます。 By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS) Books published by AELS (AELS出版書籍) 魔女学院&光塾:魔女ガールズの冒険 原作&翻訳:ビレー ハモンド 日本語編集:伊庭野れい子 Majoh Gakuin & Hikari Juku – Japanese […]

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