Have you ever spent time with a person and left feeling empty and drained of energy?


There are a few people who are natural energy vampires. Fortunately, there aren’t too many of them, but you’ll know them after you’ve met them. The energy vampires I’ve met aren’t aware of their condition and are full of energy (because they’re sucking in energy from others). All of them have been nice, polite persons; but I had to keep my “mind” focused in my tanden (ki center) whenever I was around them to keep from being drained.


There was a Canadian teacher at a school I taught at who was an energy vampire. Students would go into her classroom brimming with energy and come out looking as if they’d been on an all night binge. She had two children’s classes and I went to help with one of them one day. Two groups of energetic children ran into the classroom and staggered out after class, looking as if they’d were returning from a five-mile forced march.


So what can you do if you’re unfortunate enough to meet an energy vampire? The best thing is to leave if possible. If you can’t leave, keep your distance. Energy vampires have a tendency to touch their targets. I can’t say for sure, but I believe that the direct contact makes it easier for them to absorb energy. Try and stay out of their reach and keep them from touching you as best you can. Remember, the farther away you stay from them, the less you’ll get drained!


You might be thinking, “Is there any hope for these energy vampires?” There seems to be because there’s a very small part of the population who seem to have an immunity to them. As a matter of fact, the Canadian teacher eventually was lucky enough to meet one and got married to him!
















By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)


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原作&翻訳:ビレー ハモンド


Majoh Gakuin & Hikari Juku – Japanese Witch Schools – English Edition (魔女学院&光塾(英語)

By Billy Hammond

迷える魔女の戦い (魔女学院&光塾シリーズ第2)

原作&翻訳:ビレー ハモンド


Lost Witch (Majoh Gakuin & Hikari Juku Series Book 2) – English Edition (迷える魔女: 魔女学院&光塾第2弾:英語版)

By Billy Hammond

幸せを運ぶ魔法のチャレンジ 魔女学院&光塾シリーズの第3(Fate & Magic Jp)

原作&翻訳:ビレー ハモンド


“Fate & Magic” Majoh Gakuin & Hikari Juku Series – Japanese Witch Schools Book 3 – English Edition (幸せを運ぶ魔法のチャレンジの英語版)

By Billy Hammond