By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

Written May 11, 2019

Some two months ago, my younger sister sent me a photo of a woman about my age with a LINE message asking me, “Do you know who she is?”


I looked at the photo and typed back, “No, I don’t. Who is she?”


My sister didn’t reply right away and when she did, I learned that the woman was my classmate. When I read her name, I vaguely remembered that I’d had a slight crush on her when I was in first and second grade. I also foggily recalled kissing her on a dare and getting kissed back in second grade and the kidding by our classmates that followed for both of us.


The next time we spoke on the phone, I asked my sister what the Q&A had been all about. She said she’d run into my classmate at one of the local shopping malls and that she’d specifically asked her to send me her photo without telling me who she was. She also noted that she seemed rather hurt by my reply, which seemed strange to me since we hadn’t met seen each other since high school.


I sent her photo to a close friend who can see past lives and she said that we were destined to be married in this life, but she threw the chance away. Apparently, she was unhappy with the way her life had turned out.













By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)


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