By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)

I installed a home security cam system. It took six hours to finish the drilling, mounting and connection for three cameras and another two hours to install the fourth one the next day.

The two reasons behind it are that home break-ins have been on the rise in my area recently and the fact that my house is part of the “Kodomo 110” system in which children who are being followed or have trouble are free to seek refuge in. Even if I’m not home, once the child sets foot on my property, I’ll have video footage to turn over to the police, not to mention that a child molester will probably stop once he or she is aware that they’re being recorded.

I got the camera system from amazon and it cost 40,000 yen ($358.00 U.S.), which is rather inexpensive for a security system. I hooked it up to a computer monitor and my router and it displayed as promised. I’m looking at the footage as I type this and the infrared is excellent. The daytime color images are also crisp and clear.

I linked the system to my smartphone, so I can check on my house from remote locations.

Security has come a long way in recent years!






By Billy Hammond (Copyright AELS)