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Preventing Nuisance and Scam Calls (迷惑電話・セールス電話・振込詐欺電話対策)

We have a major problem with telemarketers and scam artists in Japan. In all cases, the calls are bothersome and time-consuming. I finally got fed up with answering those calls and decided to try a recording device that tells the caller that their phone call would be recorded and does the same thereafter if the caller doesn’t hang up.   I chose a device called LETS which is about the size of an e-book reader and installed it between the incoming phone line and my phone/fax machine. It cost about $105.00 US and was really simple to hook up.   And guess what? I haven’t gotten a single bothersome call in the more than two weeks since I set it up! I guess those people don’t want to have their voices recorded…   迷惑電話・セールス電話・振込詐欺電話対策   今年、『いらん、つまらない』電話が一気に増えた。「宝石、着物はありませんか?」、「NTT社の~社です…」、「電気代の調査…」等々!!迷惑の上、対応に時間が掛かるので頭にきていた。   ついに録音機を設置するように決めた。アマゾンで『LETS振り込め詐欺見張隊117L-FSM-N117』を見つけて注文した。11,800円の機械で電子ブックリーダほどのサイズのもの。2週間以上前に設置してから1本の迷惑電話も入って来ていない!あの人たちは録音されることが嫌がっているようだ! ************ Books […]

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