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- Channeler, Energy-healer, Feng Shui Master -

I am Reiko - a Clairvoyant and Medium who has been blessed with the gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship ever since I can remember. I have been doing spiritual counseling for nearly 20 years.

When I was a child, fortune tellers often told me that "you'll someday be a fortune teller"; however, I had a hard time believing that any such thing might ever come to pass and basically ignored it - in spite of my growing interest in playing with tarot cards and other psychic tools.

My attitude to the paranormal remained in the realm of passive curiosity until 1999 when Kumu Makaula - a Japanese channeler I met in Hawaii - urged me into the field by telling me, "You can do this too!" He taught me how to work with energy and quantum reiki, while guiding me in interpreting visions. Thanks to his kind guidance, I was able to add channeling to my tarot readings by 2000. After that, I learned energy reading from Pamela Johnson and Chinese astrology from Alan Johnson. About the same time, I studied power stone healing, white magic under Patti Foshee and learned about the "Quantum Touch" at a workshop conducted by Henri Furgiuele.

As a result of my studies and experiences, I was able to hone my channeling abilities to translate the visions and impressions I received from the spirit world into the language of the physical world. For example, I found that I could describe the man fated to meet a woman client in the future and read the energies to explain to her the fate-changing periods in her life.

I'd also developed the ability to scan a person from top to bottom to detect weak areas in their physical state and advise him or her to get them checked. The ability to zero in on defective or weak areas also made it possible for me to do long-range distance healing.

As time went on, I learned Feng Shui from the Hawaiian Feng Shui Master Clear Englebert and later translated his book on the subject into Japanese. I became a Feng Shui consultant and wrote my own Feng Shui book entitled "Dare demo dekiru kantan fusui, baguachaato fusui (Simple Feng Shui for everyone - Bagua Map Feng Shui)" in 2016.

I developed a system of Hawaiian flower fortune telling"and wrote the "Hawaiian Pua Book" in Japanese which was published and went on sale in Japan in December 2006. In February of 2007, I wrote a therapy essay on "Hawaiian Breezes" and an article entitled Tarot Reiko's Beginner's Spiritual Workshop" - both of which have shown strong distribution and sales.

I currently offer spiritual channeling private consultations starting from 5,000 JPY/30 minutes.

I also provide E-mail spiritual consultations on client's futures at the rate of 2,000 JPY per question, or at $20.00 US/question for overseas consultations. Questions to clarify my answers to client's questions are accepted and will be replied to up to 5 days after the delivery of my answer to the original question.

I can accommodate requests for Feng Shui consultations by e-mail provided the person furnishes me with a rough layout diagram of the room or structure together with photos of the same. Rates are on a per-room basis of $20.00 US for a single room. Thus, a house with four rooms would be $100.00 US payable by paypal.

Please e-mail me for personal requests for e-mail consultations.

I will send you instructions on the format for questions and payment information. E-mail requests will be answered as soon as payment has been confirmed.

Note: For those residing in countries other than Japan, only e-mail consultations paid for through Paypal can be accepted.

Please use the contact link below if you need more information on my services.

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