Negoro-ji (Negoro Temple)

Negoro-ji Photos

By: Billy Hammond

These are just a few photos of the many structures that are on the grounds of Negoro-ji. I counted 18 structures of interest on my visit there. Among the interesting structures on the temple grounds, there is a Wakayama government building that was relocated in which Natsume Soseki is said to have delivered a famous lecture.

Daito (National Treasure)

The Daito (Great Tower) was built in 1496 and designated a National Treasure in 1899. It is one of the structures that was not razed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Daito (National Treasure)

The roof of the Daito

Daito (National Treasure)

Another photo of the Daito


Daihakuhodo. This temple was reconstructed in 1801. There are 3 giant statues inside, with Dainichi Nyorai in the center. Also of interest are the ceiling drawings of leaves.

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