House Prices in Japan

House Prices in Japan

Curious about how much houses and apartments cost in Japan? Here are a few prices collected from various real estate ads in the Sakai Area.

Japanese Prices
Item House/Apt Area(Floorspace) Property Area Price JPY price U.S. dollar price Comments
2-story house, built 1983 65.11sq. m (700.58 sq. ft) 90.84sq m. (977.44 sq. ft.) 44,940,000 $345,692.30 15 min. walk from nearest station
3-story house, built 1978 90.78 sq. m (976.79 sq. ft) 51.12 sq m. (550.05 sq. ft.) 29,190,000 $224,538.46 steel and concrete construction
2-story house, New 86.40 sq. m (929.66 sq. ft) 89.1 sq m. (958.72 sq. ft.) 43,890,000 $337,615.38 open air parking for 1 car
3 BR apartment(condo) 81.59 sq. m (877.91 sq. ft) --- 46,357,500 $356,596.15 convenient location
4 BR 2-story house, New 103.68 sq. m (1,115.59 sq. ft) 91.38 sq. m. (983.25 sq ft.) 58,485,000 $449,884.62 open air parking for 1 car

The Japanese National Sales Tax of 5% has been added to the prices. U.S. dollar prices were calculated at 130JPY to the U.S. dollar.

We will be adding to and making changes to this list from time to time so be sure to check back if you're interested. All prices were taken from ads which appeared on March 2nd.

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