Prices in Japan

Grocery Prices in Japan

Curious about how much things cost in Japan? Here are a few prices collected from a few large-size supermarkets in Izumi and Kawachinagano cities (Osaka).

Japanese Prices
Item Amount Yen Price U.S.Dollar Price Comments
White Bread 6-slice package 156 $2.02 Regular Price for inexpensive bread. Expensive white bread (6 slices) was about 220 yen at the time of this writing. Bread is usually sold in 4 to 6 slice packages
Eggs 10 168 $2.18 10 eggs (Smallest size U.S.). Loss leader eggs are sometimes on sale for 100 yen
Whole Milk 1 liter (.9qt) 168 $2.18 Regular price, Meiji Brand
Meiji Sliced Cheese (Pkg of 10 slices) 190gm (6.7oz.) 196 $2.55 Regular Price
Cabbage 1 head 138 $1.79 Regular Price
Hamburger (beef and pork mixture) 200gm (7 oz.) 196 $2.55 Sale price at a regular supermarket
Bacon 150g (5.3 oz) (10 slices) 166 $2.16 Regular Price at a discount supermarket
Chinese Cabbage 1 head 236 $3.07 Regular Price
Tomatoes 1 (about 3" diameter) 126 $1.67 Domestic
Irish Potatoes 4 128 $1.66 On sale. Small (about 3" long)
Tofu 1 pack (330g, 11.6oz) 38 $.49 Good-quality tofu at a very low price. Tofu is usually between 48 to 78 yen for a half-size pack.
Spanish Onions 1 38 $.49 Medium size.
Fresh Chicken Breasts (2) 450gm (15.9 oz) 293 $3.81 Domestic, on sale.
Mayonnaise 500gm (17.6oz) 256 $3.33 Domestic. Store brand.
Kirin Lager Beer 1 case (24 cans)k 3,622 $47.07 Can Beer at a discount liquor store, 350ml (11.8oz)/can
Rice from Japan 10kg (22 lbs) 3050 $39.64 Regular Koshi-hikari rice.
Broccoli 1 128 $1.66 From the US.
Bean Sprouts 1 package 36 $.47 Regular Price.
Carrots 3 128 $1.66 On sale.
Lettuce 1 head 208 $2.70 Domestic, out of season.
Beef Block, Shoulder Cut 200gm (7 oz) 196 $2.55 On Sale. Domestic.

All items are domestic unless otherwise noted. The 5% National Sales Tax has been included in the product prices and U.S. dollar conversion done at 76.9 JPY to 1 U.S. dollar. Brand names are listed solely for the sake of information. No endorsements are intended.

We will be adding to and making changes to this list from time to time so be sure to check back if you're interested. Prices were collected during the 3rd and 4th weeks of December 2011.

Note: Vegetable prices are rather high due to the time of year. Beef prices are still, with many customers opting for domestic beef or that imported from Australia. U.S. beef is on the market, but some shoppers still shun it because of BSE worries. Rice prices are about average for the season.

Consumer confidence in foods imported from China is still low due to their past record of using illegal pesticides, shipping foods contaminated with bacteria and other irregularities. Recently, many supermarkets have increased the number of domestic products as well as those from countries having good reputations for food safety and the number of Chinese products being carried is still lower than it was before the poison dumpling scare.

In spite of the seemingly high prices of food when converted to US dollars, there has been a great deal of deflation in Japanese food prices during the past few years. Flour products, vegetable oils and a few other items have increased, but on the whole, prices remain relatively low.

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